Sustainable Urban Architectural Enviornment in Asia


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2018 Sustainable Design Camp



Development of Gakuen-dori Ave,

West-ward of Fukuoka


2018 Sustainable Design Camp




Scheduled: Aug.3 Friday - Aug.12 Sunday


Venue: Kyushu University Hakozaki Campus, Department of Architecture and 21st Century Plaza.


Universities: Kyushu University, Texas A&M University, Chinese Culture University, Tongji University, and Pusan National University






Kyushu University is currently relocating its large campuses that were dispersed in Fukuoka city,

to the new ITO campus constructed in Itoshima City and Nishi ward of Fukuoka City.

The Faculty of Engineering, science, and undergraduate education facilities

started functioning in the new campus from October 2005,

and other faculties will complete relocation within 2018.




This workshop will develop an urban design proposal for the area between Kyushu University Ito campus

and Kyushu Kyushu University JR railway station. The proposal will be based on the current city planning master plan of Fukuoka City

and will focus the residential environment of faculty and students, living environment of the new development areas.

The proposals need to consider, the environmental performance of development and the sustainability of development process.

The urban design proposals developed for several blocks of land as shown in the image.

Multidisciplinary student teams from planning, environment, structural engineering,

and landscape design disciplines will work on designated site in the exercise.




Sites and Objectives


1.    Kuwabara (Student Housing, Private Laboratories)


2.    Ito Campus Central Zone (University Museum, Information Plaza Big Orange, Accomodation etc.)


3.    Kyudai Shinmachi New Town (Student Housing, Commercial facilities, Retail shops, Laboratories)


4.    Tajiri North (School, Housing, Retail Shops)


5.    Tajiri South (Hotel, Office, Commercial Facilities, Retail Shops)


6.    JR Kyudai Gakken Toshi Satation and Surroundings (Station Square, Hotel, Office, Commercial Facilities)


7.    Masterpln, Transportation Network System






Participating Universities and Instructors


Texas A&M University USA


Professor Jorge A. Vanegas, Dean The College of Architecture 


Professor Warden, Robert R.


Associate Professor Koichiro Aitani     




Chinese Culture University Taiwan  


Assistant Professor Kuo, Wei-Lun  



Tongji University, Chania


Professor, Tian Baojiang



                                  Pusan National University                                        


Associate Professor Chung Jaehoon



Kyushu University


Professor Akihito Ozaki Dean, The Faculty of Human Environment Studies


Professor Takeru Sakai    


Professor Tatsuo Kanno   


Professor Shichen Zhao   


Professor Kentaro Yamaguchi


Associate Professor Prasanna Divigalpitiy    


Associate Professor Daissuke Sumiyoshi


Associate Professor Shintaro Matsuo


Assistant Professor YI Fan


Assistance Professor Yongjin Choi