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2019 Summer School at Shanghai


Campus Asia 2019 Summer School @ Shanghai


The Toilet Revolution of the Countryside






Since Tongji University, Pusan University, and Kyushu University joined the Asia Campus program, we not only intensified the academic tie but enhanced the understanding of the architectural and urban issues of Asian countries. To explore the future potential of Rural development, Tongji University is proposing a 2-weeks summer school in this summer. We hope this evenet will contribute more contents to the experience and discourses that how we can understand the problems specific to the Asian countries and the role of Architecture schools in the future.




The theme of Campus Asia 2019 Summer School @ Shanghai is the Toilet Revolution in the Countryside, target to design public toilets system for the Shui-Ku Village- a typical village in suburban Shanghai. Experiencing rapid urbanization in the previous decades, the Asian cities are also suffering from the loss of nature and countryside. During the process, more and more cities have focused on the development of countryside, to restrict urban sprawling, to recall the sense of nature, and to relief the repression of the urbanism. Herby we are looking forward to the discourse of public toilet system for the countryside- to modernize rural and enhance ecosystem with minimal intervention.




Tongji University will support most portion of the accommodation for students and faculty members. The accommodation package will include lodging, meals and transportation- max. 6 hotel rooms for every university; welcome and farewell dinners as well as two light meals daily for all participants; bus transportation for field cisit of the project site. CAUP will provide studio space and facilities. However, plane tickets and other miscellaneous expenses are not covered. 8 students and 1 to 2 faculty members are invited per university. 8 Tongji students from Architecture, Urban planning, and Landscape majors will participate.




Based on negotiation between three universities, the 2019 summer school is officially scheduled from Thursday Aug 8 to Thursday Aug 22. The first week will be the design workshop whilst the second week as a learning package. The design workshop is opened to students from Architecture, Urban Planning, landscape Architecture and Built Environment and Equipment majors, graduate student and undergraduates of grade3 and beyond are welcomed. All 24 students from three universities will be regrouped into six teams to finish their design.




2. Project Site: the Shui-Ku Village of Caojing Town


设计营基地: 漕泾镇水库村




Site Map in Region Level




The project site- the Shui-Ku Village locates in the north-east of the Jinshan District, is about 60 km away from the city center. Various waterbody covers about 40 percent of the whole village area, the Shui-Ku Village represents the typical geography of Jian-Nan water country. The village is an important component of the Green Belt enclosed the Metropolitan Shanghai, as well as the only location where the current coast meets the ancient one. As one of the nine Model Villages of the Countryside Revitalization Movement of Shanghai, the village is under countryside planning, and will become an important destination for Shanghai Citizen to enjoy leisure time and experience the nature.






Geographic and Economic Features of the Site


The site belongs to the typical alluvial plain, flat and weaved with water networks, has most of the geographic features of Yangtze River Delta Water Country. Currently most of the site are used as farm land, canals and fish ponds, the rest land are occupied by villages and one industry zone. Regarding the proposed plan, the village will retain the geographic features in the future such as Farmlands, Woods, Water and Paths, as well as the economic features as natural farms, hopefully will benefit the local agriculture and tourism. In order to accommodate the tourism and ecological demands, a series of public toilet buildings are needed for the Shui-Ku Village. Thus we selected those small buildings to be the design target of Campus Asian 2019 project site.




3. Requirement for the Design Assignments


The Assignment for each team will include- a Toilet location plan for the public toilet for the Shui-Ku Village, conceptual design for no less than four conceptual design in different sites. We encourage the teams to do green design and eco-simulation, but they are not prerequisite.




All teams are required to present their design with prints, physical models and a digital presenting documents, the later could be in any format. The compulsory requirements including- A master plan to demonstrate the locations of the public toilets, whilst the recommend scale is 1:1000. Four physical models to demonstrate the individual buildings, altogether with a podium size 600mm x 2000mm, with no limits for the scale.




All drawing must fit into the layouts for the sake of exhibition. The organizer will announce the size late. The contents should but not limited with a master plan of 1:1000, painting for every single buildings- rendering, sketching, collage or anything-and possible plans, elevation, as well as diagrams are all welcome.




4. Timeline


8.8                       12:00    Check in @ CAUP Building B


17:00    Opening ceremony


19:00    Welcoming dinner


8.9                       7:30      Field trip to theproject Site


                            21:00    Back to the hotel


8.10-8.13          Design workshop


9:00-21:00 CAUP B-205, B207, B209


8.14                    Exhibition set-up


                            14:00    Final presentation


                            17:00    Award ceremony




8.15      9:00-11:00         Urban Planning of Shanghai/ Prof. PENG, Zhenwei (Tongji University)


8.16      9:00-11:00         The Countryside in China/ Assoc. Prof. ZHANG, Li (Tongji University)


8.17      9:00-11:00         public Participation in Community Planning/ Assoc. Prof. YAO, Dong Tongji University


8.19      9:00-11:00         Closing Gap of Education: posting-earthquake reconstruction with local Communities: Studies of Chinese School of Urban Area and Rural Area/ Assist. Prof. FAN , Yi (Kyushu University)


8.20      9:00-11:00         Beyond the social space/ prof. LEE, Inhee (Pusan National University)


8.21      9:00-11:00         Redefining the Discipline of Architecture: Past and Present / Prof. Lawrence B. KIM ( Pusan National University)


16:00-18:00 New trends of urban planning and design in Japan/ Assoc. Prof. KUROSE Takefumi (Kyushu University)


                            18:00                 Farewell dinner


8.22                    Morning              Return