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BIADW and Summer School at Pusan National University


2019 BIADW


We take great pleasure to inviting you to participate at the upcoming 2019 Busan International Architecture Design


Workshop(BIADW) at Busan, Korea. Busan Architecture Festival(BAF) o­ers an intensive international design workshop for the


students from many countries in the world. The BIADW have been held annually during the summer since 2005. Students will


investigate creative architectural and urban design approaches through the context of urban culture in 21st centry. BIADW


2019 will be held at Pusan National University in Busan from 29th. of July to 3th. of Aug. 2019. Then, We invite you at EBIADW


2019 program during the term of workshop for 6 days from 29th. of July and post-workshop tour for next 7 days from 3rd. of August.






DESIGN THEME : Local regeneration by waterfront development of Yeongdo(island) in Busan


DESIGN SITE : Bongnae Naru site in Yeongdo(Island), Busan, KOREA


Assignment : Responsive, appropriate and sustainable development Planning using existing atmosphere


and resources including ware houses, plea market and living.


Background : Yeongdo, a small o_shore district, is famous for its Taejongdae seaside cli_ and Mt. Bonglae which provide


fantastic views of one of Korea's largest cities. The National Maritime Museum, which o_ers ocean-related exhibitions


all-year-long, is underrated as a tourist destination. The Yeongdo Bridge is also a famous city monument. The recent buzz


in Busan is that the bascule bridge is being opened regularly for the _rst time since 1966. It was constructed in 1934


during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945) as the _rst drawbridge in Asia. The Japanese who planned to


build a shipyard in Yeongdo needed a bridge to transport material from the mainland. But big ships needed to pass


through as well, so the bridge had to be able to make this to happen. After the Korean War (1950-53), the bridge became


a landmark for refugees looking for their families. Fortune-telling houses began lining up along the bridge, earning


money by o_ering hopeful predictions for refugees looking for their loved ones. There are stories about people jumping


o_ the bridge in despair after failing to reunite with their family members. Site is located at the side of right hand faced


Lotte Shopping Mall over the small strait. We expecting this area to be developed on the careful and responsible


consideration of existing resources including ware houses, _ea market, social relations and atmosphere.




PERIOD : 29th July – 3rd Aug. 2019 (6-nights & 7-days)


PARTICIPATION : Students enrolled in universities and graduate schools in Korea and overseas


REGISTRATION FEE : Overseas students: US$100 & domestic students: 100,000 won for accommodation & work materials.


(Personally responsible for transportation expenses)


WORK PLACE : Pusan National University, Busan, KOREA


REGISTRATION PROCESS : Check and download 2019 Workshop Application Form from Homepage, Send Email to during the registration period (20th May – 22nd June). After con_rming admission from the


administration o_ce, then send participation fee.


TEAM ORGANIZATION : 3 students of di_erent nationalities for each team is disirable, one team possible for each


university on special condition too. Committee will organize team and inform to all participants before participating in


the workshop.




- 1 team for the Grand Prize by Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City


- 2 team for the First Prize by President of Pusan National University and Chair, Busan Municipal Assembly


- 3 teams for the Excellence Award by the Executive Committee of BIACF and President of KIA(Busan Branch)


- 5 teams for Honorable Mention by the Organizing Committee of BIADW


EXHIBITION & PUBLISHING : Exhibition & booklet will be made during the period of Busan International Architectural


Culture Festival in October, 2019.


POST-WORKSHOP TOUR : Participants can register for post-workshop domestic tour for one week from afternoon of 3rd.


Aug by selection on Application Form. Detail schedule and fee will be informed before 20th. May.