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Sustainable Design Camp at Kyushu Unviersity


Sustainable Design Camp


Development of Chikuhi Line, The Academic City of Kyushu University




Dates: Aug.2 Friday - Aug.9 Friday


Venue: Kyushu University Ito Campus, Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies


Participating Universities: Kyushu University, Texas A&M University, Chinese Culture University,


Tongji University, Pusan National University, Tianjin University, National Taiwan Normal University




In 2019, Kyushu University relocated its large campuses that were dispersed in Fukuoka

city, to the new ITO campus constructed in Itoshima City and Nishi ward of Fukuoka City.

Our new campus and the community aroundKyudaigakkentoshi” station has been rapidly

developing but estimated to take another 10 years to complete the development.




This workshop will develop an urban design proposal for the area between JR (Japan Railways)

Chikuhi Line and National Highway Route 202. The proposal will be based on the current city

planning master plan of Fukuoka City and that of Itoshima City and will focus on the residential

environment of faculty and students, and the living environment of the new development areas.

The proposals need to evaluate, the environmental performance of development and the sustainability

of the development process by using CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built

Environment Efficiency). The urban design proposals will be developed for several blocks of land

as shown in the image. Multidisciplinary student teams from planning, environment, structural

engineering, and landscape design disciplines will work on designated site in the exercise.




1. Kyudaigakkentoshi stationStation Square, Hotel, Office, Commerce etc.


2. Susenji stationStation Square, Commerce, Residence etc.


3. Hatae stationStation Square, Commerce, Residence etc.


4. Itoshimakokomae stationSchool, Residence, Commerce etc.


5. Chikuzen Maebaru stationStation Square, Hotel, Office, Commerce etc.


6. Imajiku station Station Square, Commerce etc.


7. Master plan, Transportation system








July 31st (Wed.) Hiroshima optional study tour


August 1st (Thu.) Hiroshima optional study tour


August 2nd (Fri.)


9:00 Reception


10:00-12:00 Introduction to the workshop, Forming groups


13:00 Site Visit


18:30 Welcome Party at East Zone Cafeteria


August 3rd,4th Group Work, Brain Storming, Site visit


August 5th (Mon.)


9:00 -17:30 Group Work


16:30-20:00 Interim Presentation 1& Critique


August 6th (Tue.)


9:00-17:30 Group Work


18:30-20:00 Desk Critique


August 7th (Wed.)


9:00-17:30 Group Work


18:30 Interim Presentation 2 & Critique


August 8th (Thu.)


9:00-11:00 Group Work


11:00-12:00 CASBEE Evaluation


18:30-20:00 Desk Critique


August 9th (Fri.)


9:00-12:00 Prepare for final presentation


13:00-17:00 Final Presentation


18:30-20:30 Farewell Party