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Summer School 2017 in Kyushu University

Summer School 2017 which is an international education program organized by three University; Kysuhu University, Pusan National University and Tongji University was held in Kyushu University, Fukuoka. Students from each University have got together and had a great time together for 3 weeks.

This program composed by three courses; Seminar in Advanced Theory of Habitat Design, Advanced Theory of Habitat Design and Sustainable Design Camp.

In Seminar in Advanced theory of Habitat Design course, they analyze Akasaka area of Fukuoka City and produce site analysis and design guidelines for Sustainable Design Camp project. Student teams analyzed different aspects of urban context that will shade light to the issues and potential of the area the future role of the site in the city.

A lecture series to learn urban design in the Asian context and to study theory and technology of sustainable urban design were provided in Advanced Theory of Habitat Design course.

At the end of this summer school, students developed an urban design for Akasaka area to connect city center and the central park during the Sustainable Design Camp. Student teams selected suitable sites form the study area and improved their urban design proposal for the site.