Sustainable Urban Architectural Enviornment in Asia


About Program

Nowadays, we are facing with various international architecture issues such as growing demand for natural resources and energy, global warming, and air contamination. In urban architecture field, it is our urgent issue to pursue a high degree of professional education which has global perspective in order to solve international environment problems including creation of a recycling and low-carbon society. It has been also requiring to have practical education system which is based on the international standard by cause of particular problems by historical and cultural reasons. Especially, in Asia, it is significant to nurture human resources which can put environment measures into practice. Therefore, figuring out or examining their issues in local, develop a solution and learning from their own experiences are highly effective. In a word, it is crucial to provide a place of learning and diffuse of the ensured educational program with sharing the multiplicity of architecture in Asian cities.

In this project, Kyusyu University, Tongji University and Busan National University (we have concluded an agreement) have formed consortium of 3 University.

Ⅰ. Implementation of educational plans which is based on the model of the education Kyusyu University.
Ⅱ. Establishment of program that unified and degree-granting process.
Ⅲ. Establishment and application of WEB education management system which support international standard evaluation, remediation and management.
Ⅳ. Development of a portal website which is designed to encourage spreading of the global standard model and international public relations.
Ⅴ. Address the development of the authentication system that guaranteed quality of architectural environment education. Consequently, it enable to establish the international environment system that students can acquire diverse sustainable processes while interacting and competing with international students.